A 35 part obstacle course that is deceptively simple and infuriatingly obvious in the most difficult way.
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"A reminder that we have a nasty habit of not thinking when gaming."
"A well built rage simulator. At first the tranquil music is nice, however after dying a 50 or so odd times, the music sounds insulting in a way. Dying and dying repeatedly as it still plays its soft quiet elevator music gets to you."
"10/10 would make my hand bleed again."
"This game gives you a false sense of hope and I've told him before, but Killer is a cheeky mate."
-Abeer Jaffri
"This game looks very simple and easy after seeing the screenshots, however you have to face the bitter truth; you are going to fail many times."
"It is deceptively simple. By that I mean, the end goal of each level is the same, go from point A to point B, but the rules that dictate how you get there are always changing. This makes each level feel fresh and like a brand new challenge even though it's just another level in the same game."
-Shiny Magikarp